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Click on the alphabetical links below to find your favorite breed of dog, or click on "Cats" for all cat breeds. "Other" is reserved for llamas, ferrets, birds or whatever variety of pet you can imagine.

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Name: Tuesday
Residence: Virginia
Breed: Weimaraner/Whippet (we think)
Facts: Likes: Peanut butter, running full bore in the park, nibbling on flowers, boxers and terriers, small humans, and laying in the sunshine. Dislikes: Garbage cans, plastic bags, men with grey hair.
Has Arthur met this pet in person? No, but there is a strong chance that they will in the future.

West Highland White Terrier

Name: Dolcenea
Residence: Northern California
Breed: West Highland White Terrier
Facts: Dolcenea is a 13 year-old West Highland Terrier that has traveled almost everywhere that her mommy has in the United States. She is a former doggie model — surely you've seen her in a couple of magazines!
Has Arthur met this pet in person? No, but they may have shared a zip code at one point in time.

Name: Jack
Residence: Staten Island, New York
Breed: West Highland White Terrier
Facts: Jack is a 5 year-old West Highland White Terrier. I think he and Arthur would have a GREAT time together. Jack has a brother to keep he from getting lonely, a 14 year old gumpy guy named Charlie.
Has Arthur met this pet in person? No, but Arthur does love NY cannolis.

Yorkshire Terrier

Name: Daisy
Residence: Northern California
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Facts: To say that Daisy is pampered is understating it. She enjoys car rides, pig ears and roasted chicken (in very small quantities).
Has Arthur met this pet in person? Yes, they have a wonderful rapport.

Name: Vanessa
Residence: New Jersey
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Facts: Vanessa was a faithful first pet. A child of the '70s, she is missed dearly and remembered fondly.
Has Arthur met this pet in person? Never to meet, they share our love.

To view more pictures of Vanessa, visit her gallery by clicking here.

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