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Click on the alphabetical links below to find your favorite breed of dog, or click on "Cats" for all cat breeds. "Other" is reserved for llamas, ferrets, birds or whatever variety of pet you can imagine.

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To submit a picture of your pet, click here.

Alaskan Malamute

Name: Chaya
Residence: Northern California
Breed: Alaskan Malamute
Facts: Nine years old and pictured on the right above, Chaya is best friends with Mogul, a Canadian Red Wolf featured below. The name Chaya means "to be alive" in Hebrew, as she was three hours from being put to sleep when her owner saved her!
Has Arthur met this pet in person? No, but she is only a zip code away.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Name: Gus
Residence: Northern California
Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog
Facts: Meet Gus. He's 14 weeks old, eager to please and 26 lbs of Bernese Mountain Dog. His father was 125 lbs and his mother 115 lbs., so money says that Gus is not going to be tiny!
Has Arthur met this pet in person? No, but it's in the cards.

Border Terrier

Name: Biscuit
Residence: Northern California
Breed: Border Terrier
Facts: Biscuit is nine weeks young and ready for fun.
Has Arthur met this pet in person? Not yet, but 100 miles isn't too far for a friend.

Boston Terrier, brindle-colored

Name: Zoe
Residence: Northern California
Breed: Boston Terrier, brindle-colored
Facts: The term hyper doesn't quite capture her precociousness. Zoe likes to help around the house, fastidiously cleaning up any food dropped on the floor at mealtime.
Has Arthur met this pet in person? No, but a love of dental care binds them.

Name: Harley & Niña
Residence: Santa Cruz/Northern California
Breed: Boston Terriers
Facts: In definite contention for the title of most spoiled pets on the planet!
Has Arthur met these pets in person? They haven't met Arthur yet, but they'd like to!

Canadian Red Wolf

Name: Mogul
Residence: Northern California
Breed: Canadian Red Wolf
Facts: Eight years old and pictured on the left above, Mogul is best friends with Chaya, an Alaskan Malamute featured above.
Has Arthur met this pet in person? No, but he's just a zip code away.


Name: Pita
Residence: Northern California
Breed: Chihuahua
Facts: The kindest, sweetest dog on the planet? And spoiled? Oye gevalt!
Has Arthur met this pet in person? Yes, but sadly Arthur thinks Pita is a plush toy.

To view Sandy Warthog's Pita No.1, click here.

Cocker Spaniel

Name: Daisy
Residence: New York
Breed: Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix
Facts: Daisy is a 3 year-old Cockerpoo - a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle Mix; we rescued her from the pound. She loves to play with stuffed bears and meet other dogs.
Has Arthur met this pet in person? No, but Arthur has family in Manhattan. It would be a long walk to NYC.


Name: Heidi
Residence: Northern California
Breed: Dachshund
Facts: She is a spy who snoops around with that long nose, stealing important documents from the kitchen trash and bringing them into her bed where she scans and shreds them.
Has Arthur met this pet in person? No, but they are only one degree apart.

Doberman Pinscher

Name: Arthur
Residence: Northern California
Breed: Doberman Pinscher
Facts: Arthur loves the beach. His owner is convinced that he is a surfer stuck in a Doberman's body. ;)
Has Arthur met this pet in person? No, but the Bay Area isn't too far away.

Name: Bijou
Residence: Maui, Hawaii
Breed: Miniature [Doberman] Pinscher, small for her breed
Facts: Bijou loves cats (well mostly cat poop) and going for walks in the park to play with the big dogs. She is only 6lbs, but acts like she is 60lbs.
Has Arthur met this pet in person? No, but man, he would love to go to Hawaii.

German Shepherd

Name: Lefty
Residence: Northern California
Breed: German Shepherd/Black Labrador Retriever Mix
Facts: While sweet to her family, Lefty has been known to eat intruders.
Has Arthur met this pet in person? No, and honestly, Arthur should be scared.

Name: Zöe
Residence: Northern California
Breed: German Shepherd/Alaskan Husky Mix
Facts: Zöe is new to this world, oh so sweet and luckily had the opportunity to visit her Mommy at work.
Has Arthur met this pet in person? No, but he will very shortly!


Name: Goody
Residence: Northern California
Breed: Greyhound
Facts: A face that you can't say "no" to.
Has Arthur met this pet in person? Aren't Greyhounds fast?

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