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Click on the alphabetical links below to find your favorite breed of dog, or click on "Cats" for all cat breeds. "Other" is reserved for llamas, ferrets, birds or whatever variety of pet you can imagine.

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Rhodesian Ridgeback

Name: Amber
Residence: Chicago
Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback/Chow Chow mix
Facts: She is 6 years old and still a puppy at heart. She loves playing with little dogs and puppies. Is she spoiled? She has three overflowing toy boxes and five beds.
Has Arthur met this pet in person? No, but perhaps one day. Arthur loves deep-dish pizza.


Name: Brando
Residence: East Village of New York City
Breed: Rottweiler/Golden Retriever mix
Facts: Brando, pictured on the left above, loves going to the dog run and on long walks so that people can pet him and Tallulah, a Lab/Pointer mix pictured here.
Has Arthur met this pet in person? No, but perhaps one day. Arthur has family in Manhattan and Woodstock.

Schnauzer, miniature

Name: Arthur
Residence: Northern California
Breed: Schnauzer, miniature chocolate
Facts: Arthur enjoys fallen tomatoes from the garden.
Has Arthur met this pet in person? NA

To view more pictures of Arthur, visit his gallery by clicking here.

Name: Brandy
Residence: California
Breed: Schnauzer, miniature
Facts: 1991-2003 - My best friend Brandy. Who would believe that she was a pound puppy? My next door neighbor at Fort Ord, CA, worked at the SPCA. He knew that I love schnauzers and told me about Brandy. I went down to the SPCA, picked her up and immediately fell in love with her. I have many wonderful memories of her and just wanted to share her with other schnauzer lovers. - Robert
Has Arthur met this pet in person? Sadly no, but he wishes Robert well.

Name: Leroy Brown
Residence: Virginia
Breed: Schnauzer, miniature chocolate
Facts: Hi! My name is Leroy Brown and I thought I was the only brown (chocolate) schnauzer! A friend sent me your link and I wanted to say "HI".
Has Arthur met this pet in person? Not yet, but Arthur does have family on the Potomac River.

Name: Sophie
Residence: Philippines
Breed: Schnauzer, black and silver
Facts: Sophie has appeared in several dog food commercials in the Philippines, and as you can see, Sophie can be a "little devil-ish" and a "little tigger-ish" at the same time. She is also friends with Shelby, the guinea pig (though they do quarrel about who gets to munch on the veggies).
Has Arthur met this pet in person? Not yet. Maybe one day Arthur will make the trek.

Name: Toby
Residence: Singapore
Breed: Schnauzer, black and silver
Facts: Toby is a Miniature Schnauzer in Singapore — hailed as the CUTEST miniature schnauzer in Singapore. He's posing with the family Christmas tree above; Christmas is the "fav time" of the year for Toby.
Has Arthur met this pet in person? Their relationship exists online — for now.

Terrier, mixed

Name: Lulu Bell Seven
Residence: Northern California
Breed: Terrier, mixed with Poodle? Considered a "Perrier."
Facts: LB7 is named as a Mercury Capsule and will soon love sailing with her family; she even has her own LB7 life-vest. The inset picture is a memorial to Nikki, who passed on in 2001.
Has Arthur met this pet in person? No, and judging by his previous swimming adventure, it may unfortunately be some time.

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