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Take a background in psychology, add a lifetime of art and design, then mix in a dedication to measurements and statistics, and you'll understand why my profession is marketing. I'm passionate about marketing as a revenue driver, return on investment (ROI), and great creative.

I am a painter, printmaker, and photographer based in Sacramento, California. A New Jersey native, much of my work was conceived in New York and then produced on the West Coast. I focus on architecture, street scenes, and the human form, and enjoy working with subtle colors, earth tones, and black and white hues.

My recent foci include printmaking and digital photography, but lab-based black and white photography is my passion. My mentors include Pavel Machotka, Ingeborg Gerdes, Lewis Watts, Norman Locks, and Zarina Hashmi.

All of the artwork on this Website is available for sale. Each artwork is created, matted and framed by me, and is numbered, titled and documented meticulously to authenticate ownership.

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· Antique objects from the 20th century
· Vintage photographs from the 1920s - 1950s
· Studebaker cars and trucks
· Star Wars vintage action figures and collectibles

I Love My Dog, Arthur.


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